Whiteboard app with collaboration tools

Submitted 8 years ago
Valerie  H.
Valerie H.
Milford Brook School
Manalapan NJ, US
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My Take

Overall, while the app does what it was created to do, it isn't solely an educational tool, so it's limited in as much as the user knows how to make use of it. The layers were especially useful, as were the wide variety of colors to differentiate among users. If the tutorial was more detailed and geared towards students I believe the app would be more useful. With so many whiteboard apps in the App Store, an educational focused whiteboard app would be much preferred. This app is likely not the best whiteboard app available.

How I Use It

This whiteboard app offers all the elements of writing on whiteboards plus the ability to collaborate with others on the same wifi network or globally via an invitation. Users can use this app for brainstorming or reviewing with other users. The different layers and colors gives an added means of setting ideas apart. There is also a text icon to type in a variety of fonts however once it's been placed there isn't a means to edit or move it. Once the assignment is completed, it can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.