learning the skeletal system, the pirate way

Submitted 9 years ago
Eva H.
Eva H.
Technology coordinator
Pascagoula-Gautier School District
Pascagoula MS, US
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My Take

I think this is an app worth the $2.99 price. Students are learning about the skeletal system in a fun, yet informative way. The parrot is cute. If you stop playing for a moment, he will fall asleep and start to snore. Students will like him as their guide.

How I Use It

This app is a fun way to learn the bones of the body and some interacting facts along the way. This would be good as a center activity.

Students first must drag the bones to the body. The needs are highlighted, so that you get this part correct. Once all the bones are correctly placed, you play again by clicking on the bones when the name is called at the parrot. If you get all of them correct, you can move on to the next section.