Great program for progressive learners needing vocabulary and spelling intervention

Submitted 9 years ago
Sean M.
Sean M.
Technology Integration Specialist
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This year our school adopted Spelling City for grades K-8. The beauty of the program is over the last few weeks, Spelling City allows users to upload their own lists and access lists created by teachers all over. Teacher can upload their own list and create their custom definition for the words as well. As of a few weeks ago, the students could also add their list and expands upon vocabulary both inside and outside the classroom.

How I Use It

I am a tech support for this so I use the program to promote literacy both inside and outside the classroom. The language arts teachers in my school use the list to provide students with differentiation. The students are now able to upload their own list and add their own words. This allows teachers and students in all content levels to add definitions and spelling words ranging from science to social studies to mathematics.