The students won't know you are teaching vocabulary!

Submitted 4 years ago
Katherine M.
Katherine M.
Owings Mills High School
Owings Mills MD, US
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I love that I can have students practice vocabulary without note-taking and flashcards. I really appreciate the ease of having pre-made vocabulary list available and the option to edit those premade lists or create my own. The students enjoy and think it is a game, while it is tracking their mastery. I am able to see the data of every student in my class and every word in the list, meaning I can watch their progress and decide which vocab words I need to spend extra time on in class. There are a few different options for how to assign the words to the students; practice, quiz, spelling-bee, and vocabulary jam. I have only used the practice and quiz options so far, and I am happy with them. The quiz feature is a little bugged, and once a student leaves the quiz or even refreshes the page, ends the quiz for that student and they are unable to return. There is no pause option or ability to finish the quiz at a later time, which I dislike. I also wish that navigating the site was a bit more user-friendly, but overall, I feel my students are benefiting from The weekly progress report to my email is cool, and I see that my students are widening their vocabulary. I cannot wait to see what a full year if using Vocabulary. com will look like in my students.

How I Use It

After having students create an account with their school email, I assign a list of words and generates questions for the students. The program is designed to track each student's mastery with the words and provides extra practice with the words that the student struggle with. For example, I have assigned a vocabulary list for the novel Fences to my 11th-grade standard inclusion class and we do 10 minutes of practice at the beginning of every class. The students enjoy working with and play at home as well. At the end of every week, the student with the most points or the highest grade on a quiz gets a piece of candy. I would suggest having the students use headphones with, because there are questions which sound the words out loud for students to hear and then spell. It can be loud and distracting if 30 students have their computers sounding out words every few seconds.