This is a great teacher resource to customize vocabulary lists and lessons for differentiated instruction!

Submitted 8 years ago
Jennifer H.
Jennifer H.
ITRT - Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
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Vocabulary A-Z is an effective teaching tool that helps to increase vocabulary for all types of learners. It's a terrific time-saver that offers customized or pre-made lessons. The lesson plans and the ability to customize vocabulary assessments make it easy for planning and preparation. Teachers can incorporate vocabulary into all content areas which helps students to expand their knowledge. Students can become better readers and writers as a result!

How I Use It

Vocabulary A-Z provides a wealth of resources including graphic organizers, vocabulary lessons, activities and games, and lessons to support vocabulary instruction for any content area. It's so easy to create a word list! Once you complete the 3 easy steps, then you have instant access to vocabulary lessons that can be used for the week. You can search by word function, curricular content, Learning A-Z connections (Reading or Science), and even specialized word lists (Dolch, Fry,Marzano, and high-frequency. Flash cards are generated and can be given directly to students for sorting and matching. They can use the flash cards for various games during the week. Students love the Mystery Word which is presented every week. They try to guess the new word with several clues, pictures, sentences, and definitions. This is a great way to introduce and expand student vocabularies.