Visme lets you see the data

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

Like any online infographic generator, Visme requires you to bring the data and the idea. Also, creating an excellent Visme product requires patience and an eye for the visual. Building an infographic takes time. That being said, Visme is a fine product with which to work. I own a license with Piktochart for the heavy lifting of infographic generation, but Visme works well for straightforward use in the hands of both teachers and students.

How I Use It

Visme makes data pop through the use of eye-catching graphics. Visualizing data is finally getting the attention that it deserves, and Visme is a leader in turning numbers into the art of understanding. I use Visme to show" the data. For example, I created a Visme showing the impact of the U.S. economic might on the combatant nations during World War II. My students immediately realized that the Axis forces were all but doomed to failure as of December 10, 1941, when Hitler's Germany chose to declare war upon the United States.