real time data collection using probeware (wireless go & wireless direct) & graphing views

Submitted 4 years ago
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LOVE that this is free and allows our students to use iPads wirelessly in the classroom for data collection. Our students did not experience a learning curve with the app and were able to get to the business of their lab and were astounded to see data collection in real time. It does what it should with regard to data collection, however the name is a misnomer "graphical analysis" implies that the data and graphs can be fully analyzed using this tool, which is NOT the case. This app is definitely a heartbreak for those of us who were fans of the original "graphical analysis" computer program. The app is also a limited and sad take on the real Logger Pro that is used on the computer with probeware. I think the app is still in its infancy and has a lot of potential and I am optimistic that it will continue to evolve.

How I Use It

This app allows students to use their iPads as a wireless data collection device. The app requires a wireless go & wireless direct sensor and an appropriate Vernier probeware device (dependent upon the data needed/lab). Overall, students were able to use the app without much initial instruction from the teacher. The app recognized the probeware without having to go through menus and did not require calibrations. With use we found the sensors must be named or numbered so that it is identifiable when using multiple sensors within a class. Students used the app to collect real time data for their lab experiments so the possibilities here are endless as long as you have the probeware to support such (we used temperature, light sensors, calorimeters, pH probes, CO2 sensors, optical DO sensor so far) and they were able to create graphs of their results. I've found that the graphing feature is very limited having once upon a time used "Graphical Analysis" on a computer- so if you are thinking this is the same app beware, it is NOT. The data collection is limited on the iPad, unlike on the computer version of Logger Pro, in that you are only able to take a limited number of samples, not a long time recording of data. In the app there are allowances for basic statistics of the curve, prediction lines to be added, curve fit and for the graph options (axes, title) to be changed. Users can choose between the graph only view, graph & table view, and table only view. Exporting the data to google drive is supported. If you are looking for advanced statistical analysis, you will need to use a computer to manipulate the data. A few limitations of the app still to date are that names and dates cannot be added/changed on graphs, highlighting the data table to choose which data to graph is still impossible, calculated columns cannot be added, and it's still missing the ability to create error bars on both axes. When looking at the SAMR model, this app does wonders in allowing students to use technology to answer their own inquiry questions in lab, a definite tool to support redefinition.