50 States the Fun Way!!!!

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

I love this app! It has a number of games focusing on the 50 states, presidents, and other US culture. All games have audio which is must if you have any student who struggles reading or an ELL student. Portions of this app are free but for a small price you can gain access to all games. I would pay for this app for sure. I really enjoyed playing with this app and learned a number of facts that I didn’t know about the United States. This app is a must!!!

How I Use It

This app is a must in elementary classrooms. Students studying the United States need access to this program. Teachers could use this for single students or as a whole group. There are a number of games teachers can use to help students learn about the states and reinforce their learning. Would be a great game to play during indoor recess or during downtime in the classroom.