Works as both a basic tool for fighting plagiarism and a more advanced way to work collaboratively with students during the writing process.

Submitted 8 years ago
Hattie M.
Hattie M.
Novi High School
Novi MI, US
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My Take

This is an incredibly useful tool. The students don't always like the plagiarism-catching aspect of it; they feel like it's trying to "catch" them, but the combination of giving feedback during the writing process and receiving an originality report with the final draft really helps them understand the importance of creating their own, original writing.

How I Use It

I used to use this tool at the end of the writing process. Students would submit their final drafts and the website would check for plagiarism. Recently, however, I've begun using the editing and commenting tools during the drafting feedback. In particular, my students appreciate the audio comments I can leave on their papers. They prefer the audio feedback to written feedback.