Wonderful pictures as a way to learn and understand emotions. Great for comparing and contrasting emotions also!

Submitted 9 years ago
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This app is a wonderful way to teach emotions to younger students or ELL kids. It allows for wonderful discussion and comparing and contrasting between the 4 emotions that they can pick from or each question. The settings allow the teacher to control which emotions and how many emotions are used for each session. There is wonderful vocabulary development opportunities that are controlled by the teacher as students are ready for new words. It also allows the teacher to control how the correct/incorrect answer is addressed (phrases, sounds). As an extension activity and a way to individualize the app for your class, there is also a way to customize the picture and emotions that are used....possibilities are endless!

How I Use It

This app is a great way to start a lesson on feelings as a whole class. It has a variety of pictures and settings, so it can also be used to practice and extend the learning. The application is very simple and repetitive so the students can easily repeat the process individually. The pictures are fantastic and engaging .... perfect for young students or ELL students.

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