Required apps for Common core and PARCC

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

Thinking Blocks is truly required for Common Core and PARCC assessments. It also works great with Singapore Math. Today's math requires students to make visual graphics of math operations and problem solving. Both PARCC assessments and Singapore Math use bar modeling extensively. Thinking Blocks guides students through demo videos and actual step-by-step problem solving. This app is not a gaming app, so it is not action packed for students, however, I am so glad that I found it.

How I Use It

First, I found this product helped me in figuring out how to use bar modeling. I think it helped me more than any other source. Next, I used it with my fifth graders. We use it step-by-step in problem solving. We always watch the demo videos which really help. It shows how to model fractions, all the operations, and ratio. Bar modeling can be quite difficult, so it is something the teacher will have to go slowly with students at first.