Thinking Blocks helps students make sense of word problems through critical thinking.

Submitted 9 years ago
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Students often have difficulty understanding what is being asked of them in math word problems, especially students with math anxiety and reading difficulties. This site helps students to think carefully about all the parts involved in the problem and make a plan for how to solve it. Students are practicing the skills of solving word problems in addition to practicing computations and building part-whole relationship understanding. Students feel empowered to attempt problems that may have been too intimidating at first.

How I Use It

I use the site for individual practice after concepts are taught. Sometimes I use it as a class warm up on the interactive board. My students enjoy earning stars and the fun noises the site makes if they get problems right. I am excited that the site will now keep track of your progress if you use the same computer, but you don't have to log in. This is helpful since my students often forget usernames and passwords.