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Matthew Z.
Matthew Z.
K–12 school
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The overall opinion of the website is that it is an awesome way to teach a topic with a neutral perspective. Oftentimes as teachers, it is hard to keep our own opinions out of our classrooms. However, this website aims to eliminate that problem found within the classroom. The site then gives substantial information through multiple perspectives on the topic the student would further research. Through this experience, students gain better cultural awareness because it gives access to current problems our society is facing. In addition, students are more informed through this app because they are able to receive up-to-date reliable sources on any topic. Furthermore, they gain technological experience while using this app because they will learn how to retrieve good sources while understanding the importance of seeing multiple perspectives on a subject. It is a redefinition of previous technological applications in regards to media with youth. By guiding students to obtain reliable and different sources, it allows students to formulate opinions in new fashions.

How I Use It

I am exploring different applications and websites to use as a teacher and I found this application very interesting. It is a site where students can explore certain debates or topics in the world. The website gives students factual information from trusted sites and from multiple sources. It is a way to formulate your own opinions on certain topics.