Robot Design Without All the Mess!

Submitted 7 years ago
Jennifer K.
Jennifer K.
Math and Science Coach
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My Take

I have been really impressed with what my students have designed and then changed on their robots. The test mode of this app teaches them so many scientific concepts that they can then problem solve how to fix. This app is hands-on problem solving that leads to great discussions with students on why things didn't work they wanted them to and then how to go about fixing the problem. My only negative that I have witnessed is the app will freeze-up while a student is designing their robot and the only way to unfreeze is to close the app and reopen it and sometimes it does not save their work.

How I Use It

Are you looking for a STEAM app? Then this app offers everything you need for children to build their own robot without having to buy all the part. This is an excellent app for early STEM kids. This app allow students to create their own robot with many different options and functions. Then the best part of the app is that they can test their creation out and then make adjustment to their robots. This app has so much potential with students.