The Juice provides me with a resources to engage kids with current events.

Submitted 9 months ago
Oceanside Senior High School
Oceanside NY, US
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This is a great resource if you are looking for a way to bring current events into your classroom or improve your students overall knowledge of the world around them. Kids are overloaded with information on social media, however this information is not always credible or reliable. This information on The Juice is timely, relevant, and provides the necessary data to show that students media literacy is improving.

How I Use It

Each day when my students walk in they open and read The Juice. Some days I will select an article, other days I will allow the kids to explore the articles on their own. The more I use it the more I find my students having conversation about events taking place in the world because we have all used the same resource. When possible, I will even use an article to introduce a topic that is being studied in my Social Studies class. The Juice provides me with the opportunity to make connections from the past with the present.