Great option for alternative content delivery or student project. You must be slightly obsessive.

Submitted 4 years ago
Charles H.
Charles H.
University City School District
Saint Louis MO, US
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This takes some dedication, but once you have it made, it can be a lot of fun. You probably don't have to get as detailed as I did in the creation. It can always be presented as an option for students that are sick of doing Google Slides.

This is a link to the game that I made.…

How I Use It

I created a game so that students would have to know the elements of the heroic epic in order to complete. I will be honest. I became obsessed with making this game during a grad class. It took a while to complete and there might still be some bugs, but the students really liked playing. I did it as a group activity on the SmartBoard, but it could be assigned individually as well.