Creative way to support oral language development and reading comprehension goals!

Submitted 8 years ago
Karyn W.
Karyn W.
Technology Integration Resource Coach
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I use this app at our school in grades K-5 every week. I love how even kindergarteners can create their own backgrounds and re-tell a story that they have heard during read-aloud lessons. I have also successfully used this app with self-selected mute students who eventually became comfortable speaking through their "avatar." I do not find it a limitation to have a 30 second recording. It forces students to be fluent and succinct. By changing the avatar's emotions, students have been able to express their own feelings during our conflict resolution lessons.

How I Use It

This app allows students to create an avatar and use the voice or text features to record their work. I have successfully used this app to help my students improve their oral language development, reading comprehension and fluency skills. For example, after reading a text, students are required to give an oral summary of the text in 30 seconds or less. I find that students reflect on their own recordings and frequently re-record to become more fluent and expressive. After all students have created their Tellagami summary, they share it with the class and receive feedback on how to improve the recording. My shy and special needs students seem to especially enjoy using the app "to show what they know."