High Quality Quick Videos of Best Teaching Practices and Management Strategies

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Teaching Channel is ideal place to network with other educators and also publish one's own videos and lessons.There are many other features on the Teaching Channel such as the Lesson Planner and the My Notes sections where you can earn badges for meeting certain benchmarks that denote your level of mastery as a teacher according to the website.

How I Use It

For new instructional, classroom management, and motivation approaches for learning in the classroom, I often turn to the Teaching Channel for quick videos on best practices to incorporate into my intruction. I often share my favorite videos on facebook and email them to collegues. One of the major benefits of being member of the Teaching Channel is that you becoming directly connected with innovative teachers across the U.S. and abroad that are on the cutting edge of implementing CCLS into their teaching. The site blog "Tchers' Voice" regularly features new and helpful tips, strategies, and ideas that can be readily used in the classroom.