Great way to digitally draw with a variety of tools and layers. A stylus is a must to get the most of this app!

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The apps that I recommend to students must be accessible, meaning that there is no cost version. I like Tayasui Sketches as drawing app with more features especially the option to have layers. A stylus (apple pencil) is a must to be able to draw and get the most of the app. It is a great tool for students to use to create and for students who think they cannot draw, the entry point to draw digitally is lower as they can just erase what they did without having to ask for more materials. The app is limited to iOS and many classrooms and students do not have apple devices and other features are with a paid account. This app is great for students where they have gone beyond the limited features of Google Keep drawing pad and require a variety of tools.

How I Use It

To ensure that students read and understood a scientific procedure, I have the students create a visual flowchart - a diagram with mainly images and a few keywords. I create one as my pre-lab talk and the students are required to have one completed as their entrance ticket. I give students a variety of options to complete this using both digital tools and analog ones.

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