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Submitted 2 years ago
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Overall, I believe this is a fun resource site for young students. The webpages are easy to read and have bright, enticing colors. I appreciate the Make section as it is a resource teachers can incorporate into their lessons. In addition, the Explore section would be a helpful researching starting point for students. The Games & Quizzes section is a fun way for students to think of art in a broader sense and can intrigue students to learn more about artists. For instance, when I took the quiz, "Which Artist Should Design Your Bedroom?" I got David Hockney. The site provided a brief description of Hockney's work and life. Through this site, students can research to compare and contrast artists, use the information they found to teach their classmates, and create art projects.

How I Use It

This looks like a great resource for younger to middle school aged students. The website has three sections; Make, Games & Quizzes, & Explore. The Make section offers a variety of projects students can create, divided into categories like sculpture, painting, and photography. The Games & Quizzes section hosts Buzzfeed-like quizzes that are entertaining and fun, but do not test students content knowledge of artists or art movements. The Explore section introduces different artists through grade-level appropriate articles and discussion questions. The Explore section in particular would be a helpful researching starting point for students.