Fun interactive and entertaining way to teach numbers for preschool age children!

Submitted 8 years ago
Sheila S.
Sheila S.
Novi High School
Novi MI, US
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My Take

In my opinion Tallytots can be easily used by preschool children without much direction. It is a great app which can be used as a supplement to teaching counting skills, one to one correspondence and number recognition. The children loved using this app which was demonstrated as they laughed and smiled while watching the small fish become large fish with just the touch of their finger or as they fed the frogs the flies. Each time the children complete an activity for a number they have to start counting at number one again. The counting is done with colored numbers which makes it more visually stimulating. The children also have to use a lot of finger isolation with this app.

How I Use It

The children used this in a math station to help reinforce math (learning numbers) we were doing in the classroom. Multi- aged preschool children were able to learn with this app in the classroom and each child was able to work his/her way through the numbers without much direction from the teacher. They enjoyed the interactive animation each number provided such as the nine fish they had to make larger and the 5 flowers they had to water. After they completed each number it started counting over from one which gave repetition for rote counting and more opportunity to retain the learning. I will continue to use this app in the classroom to reinforce counting skills and number recognition.