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Sworkit Kids

Fun, customizable workout app helps kids get fit

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Character & SEL, Health & Wellness

Price: Free
Platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Pros: Customizable workouts and settings, exercises are easy to learn.

Cons: There isn't much there to extend the learning, and there's minimal support for teachers.

Bottom Line: This app will get kids moving, jumping, and bending to increase their overall fitness through exercise.

Both physical education (PE) and classroom teachers can use Sworkit Kids to get kids exercising. It's a perfect short activity to get students moving after a long lesson or first thing in the morning, or as a longer activity during gym class. Sworkit Kids can be used anywhere that the app can be shown to students: in PE class, in a regular classroom, at home, outside, inside, while watching television, while doing homework, or with friends or family.

No sign-up is needed to use Sworkit Kids, and there are no ads. Because the exercises are demonstrated visually, it's useful for English language learners (ELLs) as well as students with hearing impairments. Very little space is needed for each student, but the exercises will still get them moving enough to get a good workout. Students can share their favorite workouts with friends and family, and students can also do these workouts at home.

Sworkit Kids is an exercise and fitness app aimed at students in elementary and middle school, though it can be used for students of all ages and even adults. The app guides students through exercise routines focusing on strength, agility, flexibility, and balance, such as doing the crab crawl, squats, or side plank. It combines interval training with randomized exercises so it's never the same workout twice. Exercises are demonstrated in videos starring kids. Students then do each of the exercises for 30 seconds along with the kids on the screen. Workouts can be from five to 60 minutes or a custom workout length. App users can also skip to the next exercise or skip back to a previous one just by tapping the arrows, but this won't affect the overall workout length. The exercise timer only counts down during the exercising times, not in between.

Sworkit Kids comes with a built-in custom workout already available (Kids Beginner Full Body Workout, with 24 exercises), but you can still choose how long the workout should last. Intermediate and advanced workouts are also available. You can also design your own custom workout, choosing from 66 different exercises from all three categories. You can copy a popular workout; some of these will be in different languages, and some are geared toward specific groups, such as Third Grade or Pre-Game Warm-Up or Standing Only Workout (for when the ground isn't conducive to exercising). The are other features, including setting reminders, toggling exercise cues and next-exercise countdown, and auto-play, as well as offering content in 12 different languages.

Sworkit Kids is an ideal app to teach students how to do some basic movement exercises that they can use throughout their lives: strength, agility, flexibility, and balance. The app is simple and completely ad-free, so it's easy to use at any time without worrying about privacy issues. The exercises are manageable for most kids and adults, and are reminiscent of the body movement exercises that adults today might have done in gym class.

The variety of exercises is enough to keep learning fresh, but limited enough so that students will quickly become familiar with how to perform each exercise. Reminders keep students exercising regularly, and even short workouts will increase fitness quickly. Since exercises are demonstrated visually, students won't necessarily need to be able to read or be able to hear the app's sound to follow along. There are also 12 different languages for the app, which is handy for ELLs. Sworkit Kids is simple and basic, but it's also uncluttered, easy to use, and customizable; it aims to make fitness fun and fit into students' lives whenever they have an opportunity for exercise. 

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Students are easily drawn into the app since the exercises are simple, short, and easy to learn. The ability to customize a workout will appeal to older students, and even to adults.


By covering strength, agility, and flexibility and balance exercises, this app gives students the practice they need to gain control over their large muscle groups. Repetition teaches mastery and results in greater fitness.


There's little fluff to the app, but each exercise is demonstrated by a child in the target age range, clearly and completely. Students are given time to learn a new exercise before attempting it themselves.

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Great app for PE classes

I thought the product was effective. It was great for students of all ranges of abilities. The students were able to follow along with the exercises. I thought the pacing was appropriate and the students remained engage. I would recommend Sworkit Kids.

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