Great tool to use to incorporate play within your classroom while capturing live data related to Common Core Math concepts.

Submitted 8 years ago
Katrina G.
Katrina G.
Technology coordinator
P.S 181 Brookfield School
Springfield Gardens NY, US
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I like that fact that students can play against their classmates or against a student on their grade level. My students actively use the site at home. Parents also have the opportunity to support their child at home using their parent account. It allows a fun way to practice math drills but offers no support if student doesn't understand topic other than the corrections given at the end of a game.

How I Use It

As a technology cluster teacher, I use this website to help the classroom teacher evaluate students' mastery in math topics taught in class. I am able to differentiate which common core math standards students will be assigned to or set topics for entire class. Students are able to compete in math games with their classmates or random students on their grade level around the world. While they are all actively engaged in playing games, live data is being recorded. I display the data to further motivate students to improve their accuracy and increase the number of questions answered. Each time students answer questions correctly, they are awarded with coins to which they can purchase items from the Sumdog store for themselves or friends.