StudySync Is The Perfect Tool To Develop 21st Century Literacy!

Submitted 8 years ago
Catlin  T.
Catlin T.
Windsor High School
Windsor CA, US
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My Take

StudySync is a progressive tool that can help students develop 21st century literacy. I love that students can engage with a variety of media, read a wide range of texts, annotate digitally, listen to audio recordings, watch video clips, and anonymously provide peer feedback on each other's work!

How I Use It

I use StudySync to extend learning online, differentiate my instruction for various skill levels, teach the Common Core Standards, encourage active reading in the digital space, and engage students in a range of activities to develop their reading and writing skills.

StudySync has a huge digital library of media and texts ranging from historic speeches to poetry to excerpts from novels. Before I was limited to the texts available on my campus in our school library. Now, I can choose from hundreds of texts and assign different texts to students at different reading levels. The lessons built around the texts are dynamic and develop vocabulary, reading, and writing skills.