A robust language arts, collaborative, and critical thinking system

Submitted 10 years ago
Susan  R.
Susan R.
Lebanon High School
Lebanon NH, US
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My Take

Studysync offers a collaborative, engaging, social media environment that allows teachers and students to analyze and discuss chosen readings in safe, and structured environment.

Teachers can choose readings (excerpts or full text) by lexile levels, Common Core alignment, publication date, theme, or other filter options such as genre or subject.

Assessment tools appear to be built in to system, but

I was not able to experience those.

Teacher created assignments both in reading and writing are listed within the system for all students to access.

Students can also interact with others in their class (and with other students around the world) collaborating on language arts class work and in peer review.

Lessons can help students build background knowledge, utilize critical thinking skills, collaborate and experience different viewpoints in literature review, in a planned environment.

Studysync offers a large library of texts and text selections, but teachers can also add their own selections.

Students were able to see this program but not actively participate in this trial.

Generally, they felt it would help with their learning and they would be more likely to try harder and participate due to the social networking nature of the system.

A 60 day free trial is offered, and it is my suggestion that you try it.

Beyond that $195.00 will get you a 12 month subscription for up to 30 students.

How I Use It

Teachers in my school would use this get students utilizing technology to contribute to a 24-7 learning environment that levels the playing field and provides an opportunity for reluctant class participants to become more participatory and engaged, since online environments generally provide for a higher level of accountability.