CCSS Aligned Resource that Kids Will Enjoy

Submitted 9 years ago
Laci M.
Laci M.
Broadmoor Elementary School
Lafayette LA, US
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My Take

This is a great teaching tool that has such a variety of resources! I like the variety (printables, whiteboard activities, interactive activities, assessments, etc.) to incorporate into your classroom. Depending on what standard(s) you are teaching, this is such a great resource to have in your "back pocket" to help you align your instruction. It also covers multiple subject areas. I like that it also has individual task allocation.

How I Use It

I could use this site in my teaching in so many ways. I could use it as simply as using the CCSS aligned printables or whiteboard activities to enhance my instruction. I could also use it for Response to Intervention and Enrichment using the individual task allocation. I also really plan to use the assessments. I am always looking for additional test items that are aligned to CCSS, so I think this is a great feature. I also plan to use this before our state testing to help my students review the skills and concepts we have covered.

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