A basic vocabulary practice tool.

Submitted 8 years ago
Jeremy B.
Jeremy B.
Gull Lake Community Schools
Richland MI, US
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My Take

StudyBlue is pretty basic. It does not offer the different games that some other flash card apps/sites offer. It is ok and does its job. Like I said above, I used this for a while in 4th grade with my students, but later moved to another program for the options it offered. StudyBlue is basic, clean, and easy to use (upper grades). I feel that lower grades will struggle with the interface some but it is a useful tool for vocabulary practice.

How I Use It

I used StudyBlue for a while as a 4th grade teacher. I would make "decks" and share them with kids (through a web link). The iPad and Android apps do much of the same. I used it for vocabulary review in all subjects. There are 3 ways to use the app/site: flip cards, take a quiz, or review sheet. These are basically used to review already created decks of flash cards. Great for center based practice at lower grades, and individual practice at upper grades.