Easy to use picture book creation tool

Submitted 7 years ago
Caitlin M.
Caitlin M.
Shorecrest Preparatory School
Saint Petersburg FL, US
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My Take

StoryJumper has a good repository of background scenes and props. Props can be re-sized, rotated, and copied - but not edited in any other way. StoryJumper allows for users to add personal photos as props and scenes, with limited editing capabilities. There are several options for text boxes. It was easy to create student accounts to use in class, however if you want students to use the program at home it requires a permission slip and parents creating an account themselves.

How I Use It

Students in sixth grade reading wrote a story about a classmate then created a children's book to go along with the story in StoryJumper. The classmate was the main character, and students were required to model the story after the typical structure of a children's book (including at least one magical element). Students read the books to each other in class.