Create a story about anything using engaging graphics and kids won't even realize they are writing!

Submitted 8 years ago
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I found storyjumper when I was preparing to use another online book creator. I was able to create a closed classroom and assign students to logins. Storyjumper allows you to print our an individualized login for each student. The graphics and colorful settings allow students to easily create a story. The storyboard in storyjumper helps student build their story.

How I Use It

My first project was with 2nd graders who were given the choice of writing a fairytale, folktale or fable. They created a storyboard following a rubric and then sat down to the storyboard in storyjumper to write their tale. One of their digital literacy standards is to collaborate online in a Web 2.0 tool. We shared logins and wrote these stories together. 90% of the time the logins worked with both students logged in. About 10% of the time someone lost some of their work. Storyjumper is a gem!