Simple, straightforward app with some flaws

Submitted 9 years ago
Dianna B.
Dianna B.
Speech-Language Pathologist
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My Take

Recommended with some reservations. This is a good way to teach children how to describe a picture using simple WH questions. The pictures are drawings (versus photographs) and usually depict some kind of action scene. If you use the app's built-in prompts, be prepared that the prompts switch tenses randomly, and don't do a great job switching between proper nouns and pronouns (so, the "stories" sound rote). These are minor complaints overall, but not great for children who already struggle with these issues.

How I Use It

I take the first 2-3 turns, modeling how to use the app by answering specific WH-questions about each pic. I also have a visual of each question with the type of noun that would answer each question (who = person, where = location, etc.). The students then complete one entire story be themselves, or build a story in turns.