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Submitted 9 months ago
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Spinndle is an up-and-coming winner in the Ed Tech world. At the time of writing this, it is a beta product. The founders are incredibly receptive to feedback and quick to respond, react and incorporate ideas into the program. I see Spinndle as a huge support in developing executive functioning in my students - particularly after 2 years of learning through Covid.

How I Use It

Spinndle is a unique software that supports teachers to create meaningful learning experiences for their students. The program offers flexible support by allowing teachers to select ready-made templates for projects or create something from scratch. In my school, teachers use this program to guide students through the design thinking process, to guide students through the writing process, or to simply guide students through the tasks of the day.

The feature that sets Spinndle apart from other pieces of software is the promotion of collaborative learning between students. They learn to focus on the process and submit evidence of their product to a virtual feed similar to any social media platform to receive feedback from their peers. A key element is the prompts provided by the program to develop critical thinking and the contribution of meaningful feedback. In this way, both the giver and receiver of feedback benefit. As a bonus, students are practicing online etiquette in a monitored environment.