Definitely a fun and engaging game! But it lacks tools to track and support student learning

Submitted 10 months ago
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My Take

I used this with a few friends to test it out and it was genuinely fun and engaging, as someone who only speaks English, the game seemed like a good way to practice certain phrases and words, and the ones the game used were not overly complicated. my main complaint is that the practice portion of the app does not seem to work well. it requires that you speak into the microphone to match the English audio phrase played to you, however it would mark answers as correct when I didn't talk and would mark them as incorrect when I said the phrase correctly. So this is an area where the app could use some improvement.

How I Use It

This app has a lot of potential as a reward/learning activity for students learning english as a second language. I wouldn't use it as the primary material for a lesson lesson, but as an activity for students to do as a reward or in their free time while still enabling them to learn.