The Smithsonian Museum in Your Classroom!

Submitted 2 years ago
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This is a wonderful teaching tool! It is great to see an app that seems to have collaborated with teachers in order to make it a great educational experience for both teachers and students alike. There really is nothing missing here, its a great app!

How I Use It

This is a wonderful database of information and can be used in really any circumstance! For a teacher-led classroom, teachers are able to very easily create custom "collections" of artifacts that they can present to their class and use in tandem with their own material and lecture. Teachers can also have their students interact on their own with these collections they have made, and this app allows the teacher-made collections to be geared especially to students, with options to annotate and quiz students on the collections. Students could also navigate this site on their own and engage with the extremely diverse artifacts for a personal assignment. The options are truly endless, but one feature I love is that the app even has certain collections organized by different teaching style and subject, its so creative!