Super sleek presentation creator that designs for you!

Submitted 8 years ago
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One of the best aspects of being a teacher is providing opportunities for students to be creators and publishers of information. SlideBean is a great tool to provide that outlet. Because SlideBean does the designing, this is a great resource to really focus on the content. There are also resources available within SlideBean on how to access free use images that students could use. They have a great blog that help users become experts at creating presentations. The team at SlideBean is also very quick to respond to questions and offer support. Collaboration is only allowed with an upgrade. There is not an EDU account option. The free version has limited design templates, fonts and colors, but it is definitely worth checking out!

How I Use It

SlideBean is a huge time saver and makes the user look pretty dang awesome! Students are engaged visually, but the magic is really in the content being presented. That all comes down to the teacher. Slidebean is the site to help teachers focus on the content, not setting up the design. Teachers can include template slides for charts, quotes, images and bring in GIFs, vector icons, Vimeo & YouTube videos, and more! Once the presentation is complete, the teacher can share a link or copy the embed code and attach it to their class site to students can have access to content.