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Submitted 8 years ago
Vann L.
Vann L.
Instructional Technologist
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My Take

Overall, I believe this is a good resource. This resource is a "basic" resource and offers great videos focused on careers. I enjoyed the ability to search for videos by subject area and the ability to locate a resource with lots of current (up-to-date) videos that students can watch and discuss. The discussion guides are also a nice touch for classroom use. Personally, I like the mission of the site to encourage and inspire young ladies to follow their dreams and explore various careers. The current "resources" tab does not have any additional resources and states "coming soon." I'd be interested to learn what the creators of this website have in mind for this section of the website. To take this website to another level, I think it would be interesting or fun if there were a place for kids to write to the person in the video and/or have some type of follow-up or extended learning opportunity via Skype or another form of social media. Overall, the site was pretty good.

How I Use It

This is a great - free - resource that includes videos, pictures, stories, and dissuasion guides. This resource seeks to highlight women as role models in various careers and encourages young children - specifically girls - to pursue their dreams and passions. This resource could easily be used in social studies, but also in other subject areas as the videos address women in all areas of work - science, engineering, math, government, and the arts. This product was used in teaching to showcase students in my class various careers before having them select a career and research it for a presentation. This resource could also be used in conjunction with a celebration of women during March, during a language arts lesson with the use of the discussion guide, for a civics lesson, or during science or math to showcase careers in that specific subject area. This resource is great for class discussions or independent viewing for students. The site was easy to navigate and students didn't mind viewing the videos because they were short. The "Resource" link does not currently have any information. There is, however, a note stating, "Coming Soon."