Visually appealing and interactive way for students to understand Shakespeare

Submitted 9 years ago
Melanie G.
Melanie G.
Forestbrook Middle School
Myrtle Beach SC, US
My Rating

My Take

Although I think this is a fantastic app for most learners, particularly middle school students who are studying Shakespeare for the first time, there are two drawbacks. First I think that the $14.99 price for the app is too much. I cannot see a school or school district paying a high price for such a specific content application. Secondly I felt that the students were sort of left on their own when it comes to learning how to navigate the application. I still gave this app an overall rating of 4 because I think that its ability to teach Shakespeare to students in a way that would make it applicable to their modern lives, but I think there is a major learning curve in understanding the app.

How I Use It

This product could easily be integrated in a blended learning classrooms by allowing this app to be part of a station. Once the teacher has led direct instruction the students could then utilize this app to work independently. I thought that the ease of use for students is great once they are familiar with the app and I think that they can more easily understand the relationships and dramatic effects of the story come to life for students who may have struggled with Shakespeare in the past.