Versatile and Easy Way for Screen Capture

Submitted 4 years ago
Sandy W.
Sandy W.
Ripon Area School District
Ripon WI, US
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My Take

Screencastify worked well for recording student work or for modeling strategies in the classroom. It is easy to learn and offers students a means to record themselves in a "YouTube" style. I was surprised by the difference in the quality of work that I received using this extension compared to a live presentation. I did prepare a document with links to the tutorials for using this program and how to share the file to make it easier for students since there was an unlimited amount available from the company. I especially liked the engagement factor and ownership that was inevitable with this program.

How I Use It

Screencastify creates recordings from either a webcam, a desktop or a tabbed browser. As a teacher, I have modeled lessons for parents and students, demonstrating the process to fill out a reading log or sharing a reading strategy that was taught in class. This is an excellent communication tool for creating flipped videos for students or home reminders to parents.

Students enjoyed using Screencastify because it allowed them the versatility of recording book talks and presentations in a quiet location where they were able to focus. This was especially helpful for students who struggled with presenting in front of a class, but offered myself a means to evaluate their understanding through a spoken reflection. Students were able to use the program with ease and the online tutorials were helpful for those needing more assistance. Screencastify integrates with Chromebooks, linking directly to their Google drive. This was a time-saver when we needed to play the recordings in a classroom presentation.