Daily Science Updates!

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

Overall it's not a bad site and would recommend using it occasionally but not on a daily basis. It's very bland offering only audio and no visual aspects. It does add to lessons but couldn't be your only source of information. It's a very easy site to navigate I would just like something that offered a more visually appealing approach. I really liked that they offered transcripts so you could create notes out of them for your students as a guide.

How I Use It

I could see myself using this site if I taught middle or high school science. It offers information daily on various scientific topics. If you were covering a topic like fossils you could go to their archives and pull up audio on this topic. The problem with this site is it's all audio and no visual aspect what so ever for the students. Kids who are visual learners won't get very much out of this site. They do have transcripts of each podcast so you could use those as notes and highlight the important information. They offer a good start but you would need to add more of you own information to the topics to help secure understanding.