Game show style lessons on money and savings that works well for blended learning classrooms.

Submitted 9 years ago
Susan M.
Susan M.
Blended Learning Coach
Liberty Public School District 53
Liberty MO, US
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My Take

I found this to be somewhat engaging and true to financial principles, but not worth the money. It definitely has strengths, and would be great introduction lessons for building vocabulary and understanding. I like the interactivity of it, as well as immediate application of principles introduced. This is different than many apps because the students have to read several screens before actually doing/applying knowledge.

How I Use It

Overall, this is a great set of lessons for learning about finances, saving money, and choices. I would not use this as a comprehensive unit, but more as a series of lessons for the blended learning classroom. It provides a foundational understanding for more extensive financial literacy learning. My students loved it because it was like a game show. There were not, however, too many options for different levels of learners. It was basically like reading an interactive textbook. I would certainly consider using this as part of larger learning of money.