Great tool for learning the SAT Vocabulary!

Submitted 4 years ago
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Overall, it was simple enough for everyday use, and kept the student engaged. It's also not very pricy.

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SAT Vocab by Mindsnacks is a great way to get kids to learn new vocabulary that will prepare them for the SAT. It has interactive games so it provides an easier way to learn than just plain rote memorization. I am preparing to be a highschool English teacher, so I have to keep in mind the students that will be taking the SAT in the future. The SAT has the power to influence the decisions of colleges and universities- so any form of help in preparing the students for the test is welcome. 

This app is easy to use- with around 8 games that focus on learning vocabulary, the students can learn by having fun. There are also other resources on the application, such as PSAT and SAT lessons. For full access, you do need to pay 5 dollars, but that's not that bad! The only thing that disappointed me about this application is that you can only get it for ioS, so it can't be used with any other product-windows, android, etc. If your classroom has ipads, this would work great. However, if it doesn't, you will run in to some problems as a teacher. They could definitely do to make it available for other operating systems.