An interactive, multi-media, encyclopedia-like app all about robots.

Submitted 8 years ago
Susan M.
Susan M.
Blended Learning Coach
Liberty Public School District 53
Liberty MO, US
My Rating

My Take

This is a great reading resource for students. Overall, I liked how it was organized, and I noticed how it engaged my students to want to learn and discover more information. It is also more on their level rather than some of the websites out there that are often too technical. The only challenge was cost, therefore I would not use it for a 1:1 app, but rather have it on my iPad and share with the students. I did like that it incorporated a fair amount of multi-media, which is helpful for integration of ELA CCS.

How I Use It

This app is filled with amazing information about robots. Videos, photos, interactives, text--teaching about the different robots that exist in our world today. This is a great resource tool to build content knowledge, for exploration, and for basic interest. We embed robotics in our 4th and 5th grade, and using this has helped learners extend their knowledge of how robotics are used in the world. It also has ignited student learning. This is not a "teach robotics" tool as much as it is a companion within the learning experience, as well as a great connector to other subjects such as technology, cultures, and engineering.