The Best Google Extension!

Submitted 4 years ago
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The extension allows educators to construct lessons that align with a TPACK design. Read&Write uses technology to create a change in pedagogy (students independently navigating texts instead of with intense teacher support) and allows much more accessible content. The extension modifies lessons according to the SAMR model because students are able to work independently on assignments instead of small groups with intensive teacher support.

How I Use It

Read&Write is a google extension. So, once the extension is installed on your students' google account (which takes about 5 minutes), they are able to use Read&Write to engage with any digital content on their google drive/google classroom. One concern that teachers sometimes have is: "What do I do with all of my pdf documents?" Well, there is another google extension called Snapverter, where you simply drop the pdf in a folder and it converts the documents into an editable version where you can then use Read&Write. Typically, I use Read&Write when my students are reading independently. Additionally, the tool is very helpful when students are answering comprehension questions that I have posted on their google classroom. Read&Write offers many powerful tools that help students navigate the reading and writing process. For example, some tools include: text-to-speech, speech-to-text, create/listen to voice notes, highlight important information, collects the highlights into one spot after reading, and picture dictionaries.