Out of the Box Reading and Literacy Help

Submitted 8 years ago
Adrienne D.
Adrienne D.
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My Take

My overall opinion is impressed with this website as a teaching tool. I like that it is simple and can be worked by any child once taught. It is a refreshing change for literacy and development and can help set Pre-Reading and Pre-Writing skills. The songs that are offered on the website are different and will had variety to any music and movement center. I love more that it is offered in a different language and is translated to English already.

How I Use It

I used this product with my students for teaching and reading. I love this website because it offers songs and stories in different languages. It offers a section for toddlers and preschoolers and even has a section for adults. I could use this to also teach the children a song in Hebrew or Spanish. It would be a great addition to the STEM Program and the website is simple any child can learn how to work it.