QwertyTown- Engaging, Productive and Fun!!!

Submitted 2 years ago
Julie S.
Julie S.
Norwood Park Elementary School
Chicago IL, US
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My Take

QwertyTown has totally transformed the proficiency at which my students can type now. Because of COVD, my students have had to do so much writing online and QwertyTown has helped them be able to type much faster than they could ever write w/ a pen or pencil.
I would recommend QwertyTown to any K-6 student.

How I Use It

Our entire elementary school uses QwertyTown. At first we used it during school in the computer labs, but now the students use it all the time...even during the Summer! They have so much fun and are so engaged by all the lessons and games. My 4th graders can type 20 - 30 words per minute consistently now because of QwertyTown.

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