Very effective tool for teaching keyboarding and digital literacy

Submitted 3 years ago
Jackie R.
Jackie R.
Animo South Los Angeles Charter
Los Angeles CA, US
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My Take

I find that the lessons are very well thought out, instructive and fun at the same time. The kids absolutely love the tool and enjoy learning typing in its fun, game oriented platform where they are constantly getting feedback by way of badges, stars etc. I was very please to have found it and highly recommend it to other teachers.

How I Use It

We have been using this tool to teach keyboarding primarily, but I also utilize the videos to do a whole class lesson on responsible digital citizenship and developing healthy habits while working with computers (i.e. posture, taking frequent breaks etc.) The keyboarding part is obviously individualized and hence, self-paced which makes it ideal for settings where students levels/needs vary.

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