Finally Keyboarding that is effective and fun!

Submitted 4 years ago
harry G.
harry G.
Elmwood Park School District
Elmwood Park NJ, US
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We've tried every free and paid keyboarding application on the market and QwertyTown has proven to be the hands down best.
The lessons, assessments and overall student and teacher experience is amazing. QwertyTown is very affordable and they worked with our budget to assure that all of our students could use it. Our district and several of our neighboring districts now use QwertyTown.

How I Use It

QwertyTown has dramatically improved the typing fluency in our K-8 students in less than a year. There are so many engaging and gamified features to keep our students focused. The reporting features for teachers, parents and admins are second to none.
Their support from the beginning has been exceptional. They provided so many resources for our teachers and are available "on the phone" during the school day for any support needed.

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