Keyboarding For Kids That Is Fun & Productive!!!

Submitted 4 years ago
nancy f.
nancy f.
Sun Valley Elementary School
Birmingham AL, US
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My Take

I highly recommend QwertyTown for any student in grade K-6. As the district admin I was able to differentiate the lessons and customize the learning for any and all students.
From day one our students were so thoroughly engaged and challenged with all the learning activities and gamification of this keyboarding environment. On average our students proficiency with keyboarding has gone up by 50% in just one year with normal usage.
QwertyTown's support staff is so helpful with any assistance we need from rostering to functionality, there was always someone to help us.

How I Use It

We started using QwertyTown about a year ago with all students in grades K-6. Their support staff made it so easy to get our rosters setup and our teachers and admins acclimated.
We began using QwertyTown on the Chromebooks during school, but as the students quickly get engaged by the dynamic lessons, the level challenges and the ability to customize their avatars and play in Head To Head typing competitions against their classmates.