Use Quizalize with Quizlet for Personalized/Differentiated Formative Assessments

Submitted 6 years ago
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It's a great formative assessment tool, especially when used with Quizlet study sets.

How I Use It

Quizalize is much like Quizizz, but with a little less of the wow-factor. However, what I LOVE about it is the ability to use it in personalizing and differentiating instruction, especially when using it with Quizlet. I recently learned that I could export a Quizlet study set created by students and import it into Quizalize to develop formative assessments. I specifically used it for vocabulary assessment. Students generate their own vocabulary list on Quizlet and share the link. After reviewing their study cards, I created a questions on Quizalize to measure their knowledge of the new words. Each student had a different test. Because my ESL classes are small, it not a monumental task. However, for larger classes, I would suggest having student groups developing their vocabulary lists and follow the same process.