An Engaging Way to Practice End Punctuation for Students Who Can't Seem To It Get It

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

I think that this can be a great resource to teach and/or reinforce end punctuation, which is most often taught out of context. The app allows for students to see the punctuation in context as well as get instant feedback on where to put the puncutation. I like that the medium and hard levels have the students fix more than one problem (capitalization and periods or periods and question marks). Basic end punctation is a first grade standard and so the grades 3-5 recommendation for this app seems a bit off. Most 3rd through 5th graders should be using end puncutation correctly. If they aren't, then this app would be useful. The issue for younger students is that they need to be able to read fairly well to use the app (or be able to guess unknown words. They probably can identify where to put punctuation without knowing how to read the entire sentence). This would also be an issue for English Language learners or students struggling with reading. While the directions are read aloud (with the text accompanying it), the examples aren't (since the inflection would give students a clue where to put the punctuation.) Thus, I will have to be strategic about which students use the app and which don't.

The first set of quizzes (the ones right after the examples) are fairly simple. There are additonal quizzes but you need to search them out. I would want to make sure that my students completed all the three levels.

You can erase the quiz results which allows multiple students to use the app (though the students need to keep track elsewhere of how far they get). In addition, my students enjoyed playing it the first time but weren't interested in playing again (since it was the same information/examples). Still, the app does a nice job of taking something that is often seen as boring (learning and applying end punctuation) and making it fun.

How I Use It

I would use this app to reinforce punctuation concepts. End punctuation can be tricky for some students and so this app allows for additional practice. For most 3rd-5th grade students, this would be additional practice just for those who need it. If using it with first and second graders (who can read), I am more likely to use to use it as a teaching tool or in centers. In that case, I would probably have the students use it in small groups (individually) with an adult watching to make sure that the students listened to the different examples before heading off to the quizzes. The first round of quizzes is on the easier side (especially for the grades 3-5 recommnedation), so an adult also needs to make sure that students do the additional quizzes. Though the students liked the game bettter than doing a worksheet (or having to spend time editing their own work), there was not a lot of interest in playing it more than once.