Great digital art project for advanced users

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

This is probably one of the best (if not THE best) art app available right now for the iPad and iPhone. It has the potential for creating detailed, high end digital art. There are a LOT of YouTube videos on how to use Procreate from beginner to advanced. There are also a lot of fantastic examples of artwork created by professional artists using this app to show your students the true power and what can be done with Procreate. To truly take full advantage of Procreate, students will want to be able to use a stylus as the finger can only do so much, and having the 'feel' of a device in the hand helps students make that 'jump' from traditional materials to digital tools.

How I Use It

Students use Procreate to experiment with digital artwork and create on their own time. Procreate does a fantastic job of recreating the 'feel' of real art materials in a digital environment. There are a lot of 'how to' videos on youtube for students that really want to get into the 'meat' of the app and create serious artworks instead of just superficial art. This is a complete visual app that does not require any reading or in depth knowledge to get started, making it perfect for ELL, low literacy and special needs students - all can just 'dive right in' and start creating with little teacher oversight or input. HOWEVER, students wanting to create detailed serious artwork may become frustrated as it does have a learning curve on figuring out how to control all the different tools and functions.